USDC Grows Faster Than Tether During Stablecoin Boom: Report

USDC grows faster than Tether while Tether dwarfs the stablecoin that is now starting to catch up at a faster rate. In our today’s altcoin news, we read more about the report. USDC, the US-dollar pegged...

Tether Accounts For Massive Transaction Percentage, Surpassing $600B

Tether accounts for massive transaction percentage and is now taking on Bitcoin and Ethereum in a multitude of ways, as it surpassed $600 billion in volume. In our latest Tether news, we are reading more about...

What Could Happen If Regulators Shut Tether Down? Analysis

In case regulators decide to stop Tether, what could happen on the market and to the investors? Let’s find out in our Tether news today. Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency is extremely connected to Tether and ever...

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