USDT Users Move To Tron Due To High Ethereum Fees: Report

USDT users move to Tron because of the high Ethereum fees and now, despite the controversies Tether is still the largest dollar-pegged stablecoin with about $25 billion in circulation so let’s read more in...

Deltec Deputy CEO Says Tether Is Fully Backed By US Dollars

Deltec Deputy CEO says that Tether is fully backed by US dollars and that this “is not a secret” so let’s read more in today’s Tether news. The Deltec Deputy CEO Gregory Pepin stated that Tether’s reserve is...

Tether And Bitfinex Produced About 2 Million Documents To NYAG

Tether and Bitfinex produced about 2.5 million documents to the NYAG but claim that they need more time to produce more papers so let’s read more in today’s Tether news. Tether and Bitfinex produced more than...

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